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Reminder: the User is informed that during his/her visits to the Site, cookies may be installed on his/her Terminal Equipment when these are necessary for the functioning of the Site. Indeed, like many websites, the Innoval agricultural cooperative society with variable capital (the creator and manager of this website – hereafter referred to as « the Site ») uses cookies and similar technologies necessary for the functioning of the Site and to operate its services. When the User consults the Site, information concerning how the User’s terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet, digital player, video game console connected to the Internet, etc.; hereafter referred to indiscriminately as « Terminal Equipment ») navigates through the Site may be saved in cookie files installed on the Terminal Equipment.

Définition of a cookie: a cookie is a small computer file in text format, containing a set of data, that is likely to be saved in the storage space of the User’s Terminal Equipment when the User consults an online service with his/her browser software. The cookie is sent by the Site or third-party websites to the Terminal Equipment and stored by the User’s Internet browser. Cookies are not considered as spyware or viruses.

A cookie enables:

  •  its issuer: to identify the Terminal Equipment in which it is stored, throughout the period of validity or storage of the cookie;
  • the Internet browser: to send information back to the site of origin (for example: a session identifier, the choice of language).

Purpose of this document: this cookie management policy explains what cookies are used, how Innoval uses them, and for what purposes.


If the User has any questions about this cookie policy, he/she is welcome to contact us (contact details are given in the « Legal notices & GTU » tab of the Site).

The functioning of the Site is guaranteed by the use of cookies that are strictly necessary: these cookies are used exclusively by our system. All the information collected by these cookies is sent solely to the Site. As these strictly necessary cookies are not performance/analytical or marketing/advertising cookies, the User’s consent is not required. Therefore, they cannot be enabled or disabled individually.



Type of cookie


Retention period

Strictly necessary

Presentation: these cookies are essentiel to enable the User to browse the Site and use its features. Some cookies are known as acceptance cookies (cookie-agreed), but are not subject to the User’s consent, as is also the case with the « cookie-agreed-version » cookie.

Information collected and limits: these cookies are related to the functioning of the Site. Some examples include the Site’s scripting language and the security tokens that guarantee the security of the Site’s various areas. However, the data collected via these cookies cannot be used to personally identify the User and they cannot track your movements on other websites.

Purpose: they thus help make the Site usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to the Site’s secure areas. Therefore, the Site cannot function properly without these cookies. Cooked-agreed and cooked-agreed-version cookies are used respectively by the visible banner at the bottom of the site during the User’s visit to display the banner and to log the User’s choices and comply with the legislation in force.

Additional purpose: they enable the Site to save information that has been entered in order to improve its operation and make it easier to use. In that sense, they constitute a request for services, such as configuring the User’s privacy preferences, logging in, or filling in forms.

Activation: they are generally only enabled in response to actions carried out by the User that correspond to a request for services (see above). However, these cookies cannot be disabled in our systems.

13 months

Presentation: this refers to the « YouTube no-cookie” cookie whose name is « CONSENT » and whose provider site is (YouTube third-party media site). As a third-party cookie, it is associated with a different domain name to that hosting the page on which the cookie is implemented

Type: HTML Local Storage

Data collected: as a « no-cookie » cookie, it does not collect personal data (subject to subsequent technical modifications made by the YouTube third party).

Purpose: this cookie is used by the Site to determine when the User presses the « PLAY » button on a video appearing on the Site. In such a case, it then allows the corresponding video to be played. If not enabled, it prevents YouTube from monitoring third-party cookies.

Activation: this cookie is only enabled if the User presses the PLAY button on a video appearing on the Site. Therefore, if the User does not click on the video, this cookie is not installed on the Terminal Equipment. In this case, the video will not be played.

24 months

Cause of lawfulness on which use of these cookies is based: the legitimate interests of Innoval for the analysis, optimisation and profitable functioning of the Site and its services, and in order to provide a service requested by the User, as defined in Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR.

List of the cookies used that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site:

  • cookie-agreed: whether or not the User agrees to the use of cookies
  • cookie-agreed-version: version of the agreement to the use of cookies
  • cookie for playing a video



During the User’s first visit to the Site, an information banner states that Innoval uses only those cookies that are necessary for its functioning, which are not subject to the Internet user’s consent, and that to find out more, he/she is invited to read this cookie policy.

Cookies are not placed or read if the User goes to the Site (home page or directly to another page of the Site) and does not continue his/her browsing.

We would like to point out that clicking on « No » while continuing to browse the Site does not block those cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site, for this very reason of functionality.


A - Duration of Cookies

The use of cookies may be limited to the duration of the User’s browsing on the Site with automatic deletion when the User leaves the Site (session cookies), or else cookies may be stored for a set period of time after the User has visited the Site (persistent cookies).

In any event, the duration of cookies may not exceed thirteen (13) months.


B - Disabling cookies

Most browsers are configured by default and accept the installation of cookies.

The User can configure his/her browser to block or be alerted to the existence of these cookies. However, if this type of cookie is blocked, some parts of the Site may not function..

The User can:

  • choose to accept all cookies, or reject them systematically, or choose which ones to accept depending on the issuer;
  • configure his/her browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation;
  • regularly delete cookies from the Terminal Equipment via the Internet browser. It is the User’s responsibility to configure all the browsers on his/her Terminal Equipment.

Configuring the Internet browser

Every browser is configured differently. Its configuration is described in its help menu, which will enable the User to find out how to change his/her cookie preferences. For example (URL links available at the time of publication of this cookie policy):

If you use various pieces of Terminal Equipment, be sure to configure the corresponding browser to reflect your preferences.

If the systematic disabling of Cookies in your Internet browser prevents you from using certain services or features provided by Innoval, this cannot under any circumstances constitute damage opening up a right to compensation.

If you would like more information on Cookie management tools, please visit the website of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) by clicking on the following link :